What Is The Relationship Between Odysseus And The Trojan War

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Telemachus has just been born in Ithaca. Penelope does not want Odysseus to leave, but he just been called to serve the Trojan War. He leaves his son in the care of his grandmother and mother and goes to war. Hector, the greeks greatest warrior has died in war. Odysseus came up with a plan to enter Troy. One of Odysseus soldiers tries to trick the Trojans to take the horse as a gift. A fortune teller warns the trojans to beware of the greeks gifts. Poseidon sends a Sea-Serpent to eat the fortune teller. The soldier tells the general that they will offend the gods if they don’t take the gift. The Trojan people throw a huge party and passed out due to drinking. Odysseus drops the ropes from the horse and all the soldiers climbed out. The greeks were able to kill all the trojans. …show more content…

Poseidon tells Odysseus that he will suffer on his way back home. Odysseus was being watched by the gods. Athena said he was on his way to the Trojan War from Ithaca. The Trojan’s was hiding the Trojan horse. While the Greeks thought they left the Trojans attacked secretly. Poseidon was angry because Odysseus took credit for Poseidon. He tells Odysseus that he will have trouble getting home and Poseidon made waves in the ocean. Hermes came to visit Calypso. Hermes ordered Calypso to release Odysseus. She was upset with the gods that they would not allow a goddess to love a mortal man. When Odysseus arrived to Phaeacia, he was covered with leafs. Nausicaa saw him and had her maids give him a pair or clothes and water to bathe

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