What Is The Relationship Between Randall Mcmurphy And Nurse Ratched

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One normal day everything was going how it was supposed to, the ward was following the schedule, just like Nurse Ratched liked it. The patients were following her rules and did everything she said. But that day R.P. McMurphy was introduced into the ward. He was in there because he committed a crime and said that he was insane, so he got put in there for evaluation. In the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" two characters, Randall McMurphy and Nurse Ratched, had this sort of competition going on to gain the allegiance of the patients. There was a lot of back and forth between those two, but in the end McMurphy won. He never listed to anybody, helped the boys stand up for themselves and he also did things that weren't allowed. Even though all that caused him to die, he had left …show more content…

The patients started looking up to him and began to rebel against the nurses. Randall taught them how to make bets and the nurse did not approve of that, they soon stared talking back at therapy sessions and siding with McMurphy. When McMurphy proposed the idea to change the schedule, the patients at first were afraid to say something, but when time came to vote again more than half the ward voted. During one of the therapy sessions a patient, Martini, demanded Nurse Ratched give him his cigarettes but when she refused he started yelling and the whole therapy session turned into chaos. In order to calm him down McMurphy broke the glass to the nurses' office and got the cigarettes for Martini himself. This made a fight break out which involved one of the nurses, McMurphy, Martini, and Chief. They got punished and had to go into shock therapy, while they were there Chief opented up to radal. Turns out he could talk and was not mute. Chief made plans with McMurphy to run away to Canada back to his family, that plan was going all good until McMurphy crossed the

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