What Is The Significance Of Theodore Roosevelt And The Heroes Of Panama

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J. Michael Hogan's article, "Theodore Roosevelt and the Heroes of Panama," delves into the significance of the story built around the Panama Canal and the role President Roosevelt played in its construction. In accordance with the article, the canal was perceived not only as a demonstration of American engineering capabilities but also as a symbol of nationalism (32). To fully grasp the significance of this story, one must examine Roosevelt's role in its creation and how he used it to advance American interests both nationally and internationally. Roosevelt saw the canal's construction as an opportunity for the United States to demonstrate its power and global influence (32). He saw the canal as a way to demonstrate America's commitment to …show more content…

He knew that by telling the story of American bravery and perseverance in the face of difficult circumstances, he could gain support for the project and instill a sense of national pride in the public. Roosevelt was instrumental in the creation of this story, recognizing its potential as a powerful symbol of American nationalism. The creation of this story was a massive success, and the canal became a symbol of American nationalism. Generations of Americans were inspired by the canal's story, which they saw as a testament to the nation's greatness and a symbol of its ability to overcome obstacles (34). The canal was a source of pride for Americans, and it was used to demonstrate American strength and ingenuity to the rest of the world. Aside from its symbolic importance, the canal had a meaningful impact on American foreign policy. The completion of the canal allowed the United States to project its power in new ways, making it easier for the country to project its military and economic influence in the Western Hemisphere and beyond (35). The canal came to represent American expansionism and a testament to its capacity to establish global

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