How Did Theodore Roosevelt Become President

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Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt -“I have always said I would not have been President had it not been for my experience in North Dakota.”Teddy Roosevelt was a man who was concerned about the health of animals,parks,and wildlife.He was concerned not only for a place in North Dakota but all around the world.He was always concerned about them and there wellness and population. Theodore Roosevelt was an important figure in american history because the wildlife,national parks or America would not be the same without Teddy’s contributions and his dedication to the environment and wildlife.

Theodore Roosevelt was born on October 27,1858.He was born in Manhattan,New York City,New York.Theodore was born to his mother Martha Bulloch Roosevelt who was a …show more content…

The final main achievement Teddy Roosevelt had was creating the Panama Canal.Roosevelt did this to make trade faster and more efficient.Teddy used the Big Stick Diplomacy (using warships without firing as a fear factor).He used this tactic to get the Panama Canal started because columbia didn’t want it to happen.But it ended up happening and benefiting traders in a good way.However it wasn’t easy because he needed money,workers,and engineers, but in the end it worked and was made a reality.
As you can see Teddy Roosevelt helped this world majorly by becoming president,helping the ecosystem,helping end war,and creating the Panama Canal.First off he made the environment and land more animal and humanity safe.He then went on to help end a war and saved many people’s lives.Lastly helped save time and money by creating the Panama Canal trade route.Teddy helped change the world by opening not only politicians eyes but the whole world and helped the world evolve politically,environmentally,and

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