What Is The Theme Of One Cut By Eve Princhak

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Have you ever lost someone that meant a lot to you? Well, the mother of the main character in the fantastic novel One Cut by Eve Porinchak the mother's life changes when her one son is stabbed and another goes missing. The one eventually comes back and an investigation starts showing another side of the suspected killers. The end results of this trial make the book very worth it to read.
In the story, One Cut by Eve Porinchack, Mike Mclaren and Jimmy Farris was in their fort which was known to have drugs in it when 4 boys hopped on the fence and started a fight. These boys had been on a crime spree and at the end of this fight, Both were left stabbed and Jimmy would soon die because of this which created the central conflict of this story. …show more content…

A lot of the book is spent on their trial since there was a debate over what their punishment should be. In the end, three of the four boys were sentenced to life in prison plus 4-8 years without parole while the fourth got 25 years plus 4 years without parole. All the parents of those boys were upset as they argued that four people will die for one murder. The judge doesn't care and they all go to jail for their crimes and that's how the story ends. The theme of this story is to cherish those you care about because nothing lasts forever. This theme relates to this story primarily with the family of Jimmy Farris because they couldn’t spend any more time with Jimmy which was proven in this story to be hard for them. This theme can also come into play with the reader since most people have had to go through the grief of losing someone and most also wish they could have spent more time with that person so they should have cherished the time they had left like the theme suggests. Mike McLaren is a very influential character with him being the protagonist. He is brave for sticking up and trying to protect his brother, his only downside is that he can almost be too …show more content…

The genesis of this group was in their lifestyle, their aimlessness, and their purposelessness. They didn't take their education seriously. They rejected their families’ values. they adopted a we-do-whatever-feels-good-to-us attitude. That . . . is classic hedonism” (Porinchak 183) This quote is very valuable to me as I just finished reading the Concrete Rose and The Hate U Give and I found a connection with someone joining a gang and then like with the case of The Hate U Give, someone dies in a murder, then there is an investigation. Although I personally don't have any prior knowledge of that topic, having just read this story just after The Hate U Give gives me a window, at the same time gives me a mirror of my experience since I just read that

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