What Is The Thesis For The Lizzie Borden Murders

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Lizzie Borden: The Falsely Acussed Axe Murdered - Persassive Manuscript

(Attention-Getting Device) “Maggie, Maggie come quick father is dead, somebody killed him”, as Andrew Borden lays there, covered in blood from 11 hits to the head with an axe.
(Relate to Adience) Murder Mysteries are very common inCinimaa, but this drama-filled case was far from scripted.
(Thesis Statement) Lizzie Borden is an accused murderer who was wrongfully accused of murdering Andrew and Abby Borden.
(Preview) Today I will tell you about the traumatic case of the Borden family.
(Define the Problem) In 1892, Abby and Andrew died, receiving 18 and 11 strikes to their skull with an axe. Their killer remains unsolved, but citizens of Fall River, Massichutittes socially …show more content…

Morse was not the biggest fan of Andrew. Rumors say that Andrew Borden and John Morse got into a huge business argument regarding the loose of money Morse suffered in the two’s livestock venture. Morse thought that his nieces deserved electricity and a more high-class life than what they were given. On the day of the murders, John Morse allegedly left the home and returned to the murders of Andrew and Abby. When he returned he gave the police the exact names and information of all 6 strangers and 2 horses he met during a trolly ride. This was very suspicious because who gathers information about random strangers you met on a trolly ride? The next day he left his nieces to grief with no support from him. Morse also claims to have seen a doctor, the same doctor who was at the Borden house after Lizzie got him the try to save Andrew. In their self-published book, “Cold Case to Case Closed,” the authors looked at testimony, police records, and newspaper stories to conclude that Morse was the killer. Morse, according to Little, left the house after the first killing, likely in search of an alibi, and then returned to the Borden residence and killed Andrew. “I think he killed Andrew because he had no choice. Andrew would know it was him who killed his wife,” Little …show more content…

She had to fight alone and became a disgrace to the town she loved. We need to get justice for Lizzie Borden whom she never got to experience. Also, this is one of the most fascinating stories, as it is still up in the air who completed the murder. The event is almost like a real-life move. As the storylines are very crazy and the killer is unreviled. “I think we’re still fascinated by the case to this day largely because it has all the elements of a Greek tragedy or a Victorian melodrama, and the fact the case is unsolved gives it cultural longevity,” Richard Behrens, host of The Lizzie Borden Podcast says. “Lizzie Borden has been elevated to an American tragedy at the same level as the sinking of the Titanic.” We should all care about the well-being of others, and support each other during uncertain

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