What Makes King Arthur Sir Launcelot

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‘Every story has an end but in life every ending is just a new beginning’- Uptown Girls
In King Arthur Sir Launcelot was one of King Arthur's respected and loyal knights. Roger Lancelyn Green wrote King arthur Puffin Classics.
Launcelot was the best knight that anyone could talk to he got more respect from people who didn't give him respect before the round table and was just a normal guy. Launcelot had assistance along the way and went through a crisis at one point but he made the best result out of it.
Launcelot went a journey along the way he ran into his first crisis he fell into a battle with sword’s knowing that maybe that day would be his last until he fought off the man and defeated him until he was gone for sure after the battle Launcelot left the man there to lie on the ground with his life taken away from him, Launcelot fought a good battle and won and rode away with victory. …show more content…

Launcelot was always there for King Arthur he was there for him at the start to help along the way he was a respected and loyal knight to King Arthur, he made the round table and was there to help King Arthur on his quests and there couldn't have been a better right hand man unless anyone would like to face off to see who was a better loyal

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