What Was The Influence Of Political Parties

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Thomas Jefferson an American icon, who did not just write the Declaration of Independence, but was a figurehead in the first political party rivalry in America. "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny” (Monticello 1). America from the very beginning was always (how do I word this in past tense) trying to balance the powers of the government to prevent tyranny. Political parties affect on the development on the government, economy, and social framework was all apart of a precedent set by the founding fathers to prevent tyranny. However over time the effect and importance of political parties lessened, and the control they had on forming the government had become less important. Political parties in the era …show more content…

Following the panic of 1839 what really drove America, was not the political parties, but the American peoples ability to combine the country for economic purposes.

The affect of political parties had on the economic development of the United States changed over time, and lessened as American businessmen and entrepreneurs started to think of their own ideas such as Eli Whitney’s cotton gin. In the beginning the American people need to rely on the political parties to create a strong government. That would fight for protection of American products through tariffs. The political party at that specific time did not just have to fight overseas to protect American profits, but they had to in the homeland. One of the first things the Federalist party (formed mostly to make a large central government) did was try to install or make the use of a National bank. The National bank could be used to control the debt of the country. Still during the “era of good feelings” political parties had an

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