What Were The Causes Of The Early American Revolution

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The early Americans were pushed to seek liberty through a revolution because of the constant mistreatment caused by the British, unfair taxation and lack of governmental representation. As the population of the thirteen British colonies in America grew, colonial settlements expanded westward. This expansion caused many conflicts between the British colonists, other European colonists and Native Americans. After the French and Indian war, the British king along with Parliament had thought it best to tighten their control on their colonies in America. Once Britain control became more prevalent in America, so did the desire for revolution. Even though the colonists were technically British, they were viewed negatively in the eyes of their mother country. There was such a degree of separation between America and England caused by many miles of ocean and differences in culture. Many England-born men developed superiority complexes over the Americans because of their birthplace. There was also a sense of jealousy for America's growing riches and power. These factors led the British to assert more dominance over the colonists. In the year 1774, Reverend Ebenezer Baldwin listed the tyrannical actions that the king and Parliament enacted. …show more content…

The many taxes were despised in the colonies because the taxes were mostly geared to benefit the British. These taxes were also greatly unappreciated amongst Americans because the taxes lacked the consent of free people or representatives. In 1773, the Association of the Sons of Liberty had met up in New York and discussed the issues that arose from the unfair taxation. The Sons of Liberty had recognized the lack of consent and deemed this to be unconstitutional as it denied American men the right of free will. The denial of free will made many Americans feel as if they were subjugates and slaves to the British, instead of Englishmen with

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