What Were The Negative Effects Of 9/11

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On September 11, 2010, three jets were hijacked and destroyed twin towers in New York City and hitting the Pentagon. This terrorist attack killed over a thousand of people and plotting a huge spot in history. It affected people who lost loved ones in the tragedy. It also made people feel people feel unsafe to go airplanes and to travel anywhere. As a result to 9/11 the government response was to fight back, because of their response it was criticized. The government wanted to invade Iraq, but invading them wasn 't going to take back the damage they 've done to America.
In many ways, 9/11 caused a lot of actions. For example, the connection with the Iraq and also President Bush demands on the Taliban leaders. The connection with the Iraq was interesting to me. Iraqis provided bomb-making expertise and advise to the al-Qaeda organization. Finally, President Bush demanded that Taliban leaders close terrorist camps, hand over leaders of the al-Qaeda, and return all foreign nationals. To get the information they needed to get what they needed to get done was hard to accomplish. …show more content…

Second, there was a lot of criticism going on. People who lost loved ones was angry at the President, because of his world of terror on the world that caused people to get killed. Also the U.S government was criticized by the newspaper, because Bush administration of bungling its war of terror and squandering global goodwill by invading Iraq. It was ridiculous.The response was just to fight back, but fighting wasn 't going to change anything.
In Conclusion, 9/11 created decisions that became hard consequences for America to deal with.It was difficult and frustrating for us U.S citizens to feel safe to live here in America. It made us all wonder will terrorist strike again and will this happen again in the near

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