What's So Good About A College Education? By Andrew P. Mills

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In the article “What’s So Good About A College Education?”, the author Andrew P. Mills writes about misconceptions about what the point of a college education is and gives the readers tips about how to make the most out of their college education. In addition, Mills explains how skills that are learned in college can help with multiple aspects of life. A college education is important because there are skills learned that benefit multiple areas in life like the ability to think logically, skills for an occupation, and forming connections with others in the workplace and in the community after graduation.
A college education helps people to become logical thinkers which is essential after graduation. College teaches individuals skills that are beneficial in life. Mills writes, “The appreciation of history, the ability to formulate a persuasive argument, an analytical skill with budgets and statistics and polling data---these are all skills …show more content…

Mills writes “Speaking to others in private and to groups in public is one of those life and job skills that I was talking about above, and if you can treat college as an opportunity for honing that skill, you will be ready to talk in these other sorts of situations.” (pg. 6) This quote explains that talking to others in certain situations is an important life skill and if it is learned in college, it will become easier to talk in those situations. Speaking to others is also helpful in relationships. In 5 reasons college social life is important, Madison Hallett writes “The friends you make in college will become co-workers and allies in the workforce.” (Hallett) This quote explains that the connections made in college will carry over to careers after graduation. Talking to others in college is good for making connections which are good for practicing communication skills that will be useful after

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