White Privilege In African Americans

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Growing up in an underprivileged neighborhood, I've seen countless things that I’d believe destroyed our once unified black culture. I can ponder on many issues that occurs in my community that I dislike. Issues I disapprove, including: a poor education system, violence, peer pressure, stereotyping, and more. “Negros” are constantly ridiculed because of their acions and it's not acceptable to them nor myself. I'm ready to see a change and for the world to be one. Our African American youth is suffering the most because of our race and reputation. Most of the problems happening in the black communities are caused from a white man's perception of what the world should be. Meaning, white privilege. White privilege is an excuse for …show more content…

We have their own values, morals, opinion, conscience, standards and goals. For instance, just because 90% of black people listen to rap doesn’t mean they don’t consider other genres of music and it doesn’t mean all black listen …show more content…

The white man has painted this bad impression of colored people, now the world believes the black americans are the same. It's too bad tgey think this way,because of that black people hate their own race. Hate is such a strong word that is often used to attack a person with. They say we shouldn’t use it against someone, but that’s how my community think of one another. They use profanities and below the belt blows to tear each other down, when they should be lifting each other up. We’re killing our own kind, when we should be saving each other. They must don’t understand, the white people, racist and KKK’s enjoy seeing black on black crime. They want us to wipe each other out, so they can take over the world. Come on now, Donald Trump has a 50/50 percent chance to become president and he the most racist of them all. All of this is a plan in disguise to destroy all the black communities. The white man created this false conception of us and we’re starting to believe it about ourselves. At this present of time, we simply hate each other. Black men women and even children are being killed every day by their own kind and all of this began from a white man’s perception of what the world should

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