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Copper Sun Essay There is plenty of brutality in the world today. On the news there are many examples of hate crimes. For example, white people are killing people of color, especially African Americans, for little to no reason. In the 14th amendment, women were granted the same equal rights as men, however women are still looked down upon and get treated differently. In Copper Sun, Sharon Draper illustrates the intense brutality in America’s slave trade.
Amari, one of the main characters, has faced a lot of mental abuse. Amari was a part of the Ziavi tribe in Africa. Her family and almost the entire tribe was massacred by white Americans. She watched her family die. She held her little brother Kwasi in her arms as he laid there lifeless. She was one of the few from her tribe that survived. Amari was engaged to a man named Besa who also survived. However they were both separated. Amari was heartbroken and devastated.
There are many examples of physical abuse from the slave trade presented in the story Copper Sun. Amari faced so much physical abuse from Africa on her way to America. For example, Amari was 15 when she started getting raped on the slave ship. The white men showed no mercy. Amari was also whipped and slapped. Amari was terrified, confused and …show more content…

Polly was a fifteen year old white girl who shared a room with Amari. Polly was treated like the rest of the slaves. The white Americans, especially men, were superior to everyone else in America. They treated Africans as if they were animals, not all but some. For example, they used a four year old African American slave as alligator bait. An example of how they devalued women was how Mr. Derby treated his wife Isabelle. She had no freedom and was basically a slave and had to do everything her husband said. Another example is how Mr. Derby bought Amari as a birthday present for his sixteen year old son Clay for sexual

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