Who Is Andrew Jackson A Villain

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There are many different perspectives of Andrew Jackson. Some people think that he is a hero, but others may feel that he is a villain. Despite starting out with a humble beginning and enduring numerous tragedies, Jackson grew up to be a fierce and merciless fighter who always succeeded. His many personalities included a strong will and an arrogant attitude. He didn’t care about the thoughts of anyone, he always did what he thought was beneficial to him proving that he was in fact a villain. An example is when he forced the Native Americans out of their land because he wanted to open this land to settlement by the American farmers. He could’ve received more land for settlement using a different method, so that both the Americans and the Native Americans would have a fair outcome. Would he wavered at least a bit if he were to step into the Native Americans’ shoes? …show more content…

His actions impacted many people’s lives, affecting them in a negative way. Though he had intentions of helping the country, the after effects always resulted in failure. Jackson forced the Natives from their homes and uprooted their lifestyle and culture. He pressured congress to pass the Indian Removal Act. The country experienced the Panic of 1837 at the hands of his banking policies and his failed plans to curb inflation. Andrew Jackson was also a violent man who held grudges and hatred towards others. For example, he didn’t hesitate to challenge Charles Dickinson to a duel when Dickinson called his wife a bigamist. Instead of having a reasonable response, he became angry and lashed out. This event proves his hot temperedness was and how far he could go in hatred of

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