Who Is Hamlet Procrastinate In Killing His Uncle?

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In Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, Hamlet procrastinates in killing his uncle. There are many reasons for this indecision, but the delay caused much death and sorrow. Let us explore several reasons for this. Considering the time period of the play’s setting the language is difficult to comprehend and without a professional translator of old english I won 't be able to unravel what certain phrases mean or the value/context behind it. The tragedy begins, Hamlet is devastated, his father had passed and to make matters worse, his mother had remarried with his uncle. His other had taken no time in marrying his uncle after his passing. Hamlet is soon told by his friends about a spirit that was undoubtedly Hamlet’s father. Skeptical, He ascends to the top of the castle to investigate. True enough, there he was, Hamlet’s father’s spirit, with urgent news to tell his son.
GHOST: Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder.
HAMLET: Murder?
GHOST: Murder most foul, as in the best it is, But this most foul, strange, and unnatural. …show more content…

Hamlet had many opportunities of killing his uncle. He constantly hesitated and came up with reason of why and why not. Infact the entire sequence of the play Hamlet procrastinates because he wants a proper death for Claudius in revenge for killing his father. This is heavy evidence for Hamlet’s respect and honor (or love) he had for his father and the fact that his mother had quickly remarried and married his uncle offended him. That alone was enough for Hamlet a reason to kill his uncle even before knowing what his uncle had done. And another moment in which Hamlet had hesitated the most was when Hamlet and Ophelia’s Brother were sparring. And even in Hamlet’s false madness he could 've killed the king however Hamlet had no evidence and still wanted a proper death for claudius so Hamlet primarily used his false madness to buy time to retaliate. Hamlet was likely hesitant to kill a king. My argument is mostly theoretical. The excuses are

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