Who Is Mary Maloney In Lamb To The Slaughter

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Things may not always be as they seem and traits can be very deceiving. In the short story “Lamb To The Slaughter” written by Roald Dhal, Mary Maloney: the protagonist is an everyday housewife to her spouse until some surprise news brings stress to their relationship. Firstly, Mary Maloney is a very loyal person by helping out whenever she is needed. Secondly she is very loving, which helps her to become closer with the people around her. Finally, towards the end of the book she begins to show a lot of signs of being deceptive when she could not accept the news that her husband shared with her. Through her loyal ways and loving acts, Mary deceives those around her, thus allowing her to get away with murder.
Throughout the majority of the story, Mary is very loyal to her husband and the people around her. She is
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Also, by being deceptive at the end of the story, this shows that her character at the beginning is an act due to the fact that she had a plan all along. Finally, this also shows that she is not being honest since she is lying to the officers. Once again, as a result of this, she is allowed to get away with murder.
In conclusion, this character: Mary Maloney is just an everyday typical housewife until there is a plot twist to the story, which completely changes her character. At the end of the story, Mary is able to get away with murder. She is a very loyal, loving person in the beginning of the story but it turns out that she ends up being a very deceiving person at the end. This character ended up changing from good to bad. A message from this short story is that although someone’s looks or traits may seem nice, they can end up being deceiving. Altogether, Mary Maloney’s traits ended up being deceiving which allowed her to get away with committing
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