Who Is Ralph's Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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In Lord of the Flies we see many forms of leadership, the most prominent being the leadership styles between Ralph and Jack. Some leaders prefer to plan and look at the bigger picture and some leaders like to rule from day-to-day. The contrasting leadership styles of Jack and Ralph shape the plot of the story and the fates of the boys on the island.

Ralph was the strongest leader amongst the boys in Lord of the Flies, his leading power seemed to fall into his hands, or stemmed from Piggy’s good ideas. Ralph leads with the idea of a big picture, making sure that the boys on the island get rescued. His charisma and physical appearance made him a better choice for leader as opposed to a boy like Rodger or Jack.
Ralph has a hidden passion for being in charge of the other boys and guiding them along, his superiority complex pushes him to be a better leader and to want respect from the boys. In the realm of ideas, ralph isn’t the greatest “man for the job”, most of the logical and respected ideas came from Piggy and were amplified by Ralph’s authority. After Piggy’s death he needed his ideas, “ There was no Piggy to talk sense.” Piggy’s voice of reason began to grow on Ralph throughout the story …show more content…

His tyrannical break from the original tribe, shows how impulsive many of his decisions are. Jack chose a second in command who didn’t have a hunger for power as great as his own, Roger was brute-like and built to be a hunter. Rodger was someone who could physically protect Jack and push fear onto the ‘littluns’. Jack in many situations,was driven to violence, with Piggy and with Ralph, his quick temper is not the best for leadership position, especially when Rodger already had a history with terrorizing the younger boys. Jack and Roger created a duo much unlike that of Ralph and Piggy, Jack used his power for murder and fear, Ralph used his influence for intimidation and nad control over those weaker than

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