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In the movie Runaway Jury, Rankin Fitch is a jury consultant defending Vicksburg Firearms Co. Finch is a powerful and ruthless jury consultant who is like he said: "Is in it to win it." All throughout the movie, Fitch demonstrated the qualities of an egoist, he is all for himself and what benefits him. He is self-interested and self-seeking and this is what ultimately like Wendell Rohr said left him alone, surrounded by the shadows of the people's lives he had ruined. In the first scene Fitch makes an appearance, a lot could already be assumed about his character style. The audience does pick up on Fitch's keen senses and quick thinking when he was able to distress the cab driver simply for asking him if he was new. Fitch's quick …show more content…

Egoistic people always assume everything they do is right and are very adamant when speaking. One thing an egoistic person does not like to hear is the word – no. When they are told no or that their wishes aren't being met as they requested, egoistic people tend to become very violent and are willing to take any measures to get what they want. For example, after Marley phones Fitch with a threat, Fitch explodes on the team that is observing the jurors and accuses them of being the reason for "losing me my jury!". Fitch is constantly looking out for himself, which is why he sent one of his henchmen to kidnap Marley as an "insurance policy". This backfires and when Marley phones Fitch and he realizes his plan had not worked out he is infuriated; he then begins to intimidate the jurors by threatening to expose their biggest and darkest secrets if they did not vote in favour of Vicksburg Firearms Co. Fitch believes that "Everybody has a secret they don't want you to find". This not only illegal but morally wrong, Fitch simply does not care if other people get hurt, as long as he comes out on top. He said, "Trials are too important to be left up to jurors" which comes to show how little value he places on the opinions of the …show more content…

He constantly has all the juror members under surveillance, inclusively when the selection process was taking place, Fitch had Cable tapped so he would be able to investigate each person before selecting them. During which he assured each candidate had a secret that they could be baited with. Before the trial was held, Fitch threatened Rohr’s primary witness and got him to flee. Rohr’s confrontation with Fitch is where the audience truly sees Fitch’s egotistical ways. Fitch accuses Rohr of being a "moral man living a world of moral relativity" and that he could not base his case on the "conscious of a man". He was "in it to win it – everything else is coloured

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