Who Is Responsible For The Deaths Of Romeo And Juliet

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In "Romeo and Juliet," star crossed lovers, through obstacles and haste caused the ironic deaths. Their deaths are caused by haste, poor planning, and deficiency of patience. Their deaths were caused by Friar Lawrence, Romeo Montague, and Juliet Capulet. They were ready to die for each other, and they were ready to do just that for love. Their lack in restraint and thought ended up being each of their own demise. Friar Lawrence is one of the accused because of his paucity of his effort in his plan to get Juliet out of the second marriage. When Juliet seeks him out for assistance Friar Lawrence uses the first plan that came to mind, to give her a potion, and told her to accept her fathers plan. Friar Lawrence thought some, so he did not get a good messenger. Lawrence trusted another member of the church to get the message to Romeo. He gave the message to Friar John, whom he knew would be helping …show more content…

Romeo escalated his relationship with Juliet too quickly. When Romeo first lays eyes on Juliet he forgets all of his love for others and is drawn towards her. After knowing her for less than a day he gets Friar Lawrence to marry them, which was suggested to be bad for a relationship to move that quickly. Also, Romeo's judgment caused his death because of his rage towards Tybalt when he kills Mercutio, Romeo is devoid of better judgment and kills Tybalt, which causes his exile and creates even move problems. When Romeo finds out that Juliet has "died" he acts quickly and reacts towards the news by buying poison. Romeo does not even know the circumstances around Juliet's death, but Romeo is so willing to die with her that he does not think. Romeo rushes to Verona without consulting anyone and heads towards the Capulet's crypt ready to end his life. Finally, Romeo ends his life without waiting to see how it plays out because he lacked the patience to have someone explain what happened to

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