Who Is Scott Fappiano A Victim Of Organized Crime

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Scott Fappiano was a long-time associate and had ties to the Gambino crime Family. It is one of the five families that dominate most of the organized crime within New York City and is part of the La Cosa Nostra. The groups crimes extend all the way from the eastern seaboard of New York to California. Some of the illegal activities they partake in is loansharking, money laundering, prostitution, hijacking, gambling, and pier thefts. After being wrongly convicted for 21 years, Scott Fappiano was finally released by the Kings County Supreme Court. He had been serving for the charge and conviction of rape, sodomy, burglary and sexual abuse. He had been convicted for a 20 – 50-year sentence that happened on December 1st, 1983 in Brooklyn, New York. Using the accounts of the victim, a white male intruder with a gun had woken up her and her husband, a New York Police Department Officer. The victim was instructed to tie up her husband in with the length of a telephone wire. The perpetrator then …show more content…

This evidence was sent to a private DNA laboratory called LifeCodes, however no results were obtained and the evidence was sent back to the office of the District Attorney. The Innocence Project started representing Fappiano in 2003. The NYPD storage facilities and the District Attorney’s Office was searched for two-years to find some remaining evidence that had been collected at the crime scene. However, Orchid Cellmark notified the Innocence Project in August 2005 that they had remaining materials lefts from LifeCode. They had two different DNA samples that had been extracted from the sweatpants, which was given to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in New York City. They performed various rounds of DNA testing in the summer of 2006 and were able to determine that Fappiano was not the perpetrator. Fappiano was exonerated and released on October 6th,

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