Who Is The Most Vengeful In The Crucible

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“This won’t hurt me more then it will hurt you!” Why must people possess the undying urge to sacrifice someone else's life to satisfy there own selfish desires?Why must lust,jealousy and greed all lead to death?Looking back into the Salem witch crafts of 1962, there are three characters in particular that showed the most vengeful tendencies of them all.Arthur Miller timeless classic,“The Crucible”demonstrates the fight between good, and evil by showing traits of human conditions that each, and every generation is cursed to obtain. The most obvious character that showed the most hateful intentions right from the start was Ms Abigail Williams.There are many things our sweet Abby does to show her vengeful,and lustful qualities.She actually attempts to kill Goody Proctor by drinking chicken blood,because she longed for her husband!On top of that,she also has growing hate for Elizabeth for firing her.At the same time she also does many other sico things like,scaring the girls into following her,by saying”I have seen some reddish work done at night”(act 1).It is important to realise she mentions the things from her past to reassure the girls she wouldn't hesitate to bring a pointy reckoning upon them. Alongside that Ann Putnam's vengeful,and jealous tendencies causes

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