Who Is The Protagonist In Miss Brill

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Miss Brill is obviously an idealist, but one may also notice her concealed sadness. The optimism of her imagination is used as a weapon to ward off her sadness from the world. She often brushes off any sad thought or negative feeling. Miss Brill 's character can be defined as a fantasizer. Her effort to bring to life the events she observes at the park, and the way she includes herself in the action is often realized. She allows herself to become a participant in the lives of others. For example Mansfield says, "Oh, how fascinating it was! How she enjoyed it! How she loved sitting here, / watching it all! It was like a play. It was exactly like a play. No doubt somebody would have noticed if she hadn 't been there; she was a part of the/ …show more content…

Miss Brill becomes a character who eventually realizes the truth about herself. Mansfield uses irony when Miss Brill “went into the little dark room- her room like a cupboard”. Incorporating the cupboard in the final revelation shows that Miss Brill realizes that she is like the old couple in the park. When Miss Brill lays the fox fur back inside its box, she puts the lid on and “thought she heard something crying.” The crying was Miss Brill herself. This is how Mansfield causes the reader to feel sympathy for Miss Brill. This is also a way that the author reveals a compassionate tone in the story. The irony, repetition, motifs, and revelations in the story cause the reader to grow with Miss Brill, causing a stronger reaction in the pathos of the reader. Mansfield has Miss Brill give the fur a voice and emotions, when in reality, it is an inanimate object. This description allows the reader to see Miss Brill’s appearance and eccentric being. Miss Brill continues show it with her throughout the story, which Mansfield uses to prove that she does not have any other friends to be acquainted with. This blockade from the world around Miss Brill gives a valid reason to why she relies on other’s conversations and behaviors to feel

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