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Dean Hayashi
Mrs. Keane
English 3 Period 6
3 May 2023
Raisin in the Sun Character Analysis The dynamic character Walter Younger is a part of Lorraine Hansberry's drama "A Raisin in the Sun." He is an African American man in his middle years who strives to fit in and support his family. He is the son of Mama, married to Ruth, brother of Beneatha, and father of Travis. His pursuit of a prosperous business venture is indicative of his character traits of a strong sense of pride and a desire to be appreciated by others. The complex social and historical environment in which Walter lives is reflected in his sophisticated and complex worldview. He is driven by the need to achieve and support his family, as well as by a sense of pride and the duty …show more content…

Young African American women's ideas and aspirations changed around the middle of the 20th century in America, and her character reflects those changes. The larger cultural and societal shifts occurring at this time are reflected in Beneatha's curiosity and yearning to connect with her African background, and her interactions with other characters emphasize the challenges and complexities of the African American experience. Beneatha's commitment to social justice and a strong sense of cultural and social identity both influence how she sees the world. Her interactions with other characters offer a potent reflection on the African American experience in mid-20th century America, and her character represents the shifting attitudes and aspirations of young African American women during this time. One quote from "A Raisin in the Sun" that typifies Beneatha is: "I'm not a symbol. I'm just me. And all I want to be is...what I am." (Act III, Scene 1). Beneatha says this in response to Asagai's assertion that she stands for a more significant cultural and political conflict. It emphasizes Beneatha's desire to establish her identity on her terms as opposed to being constrained by a limited range of stereotypes or expectations based on her ethnicity or gender. It also expresses her strong sense of independence and faith in the ability of free will and …show more content…

The experiences Travis had as a young African American child growing up in a culture characterized by racial inequality and discrimination influenced his character. Travis is the son of Walter and Ruth Younger. Travis's worldview is influenced by his sense of familial and communal values, as well as his faith in the efficacy of love and cooperation. His interactions with other characters offer a potent commentary on the value of intergenerational connections and the possibilities for growth and progress in the face of difficulty. His character represents the future and the hopes of the Younger family. One quote from "A Raisin in the Sun" that typifies Travis is: "Mama, you never say we couldn't do something 'cause we colored." (Act III, Scene 1). Travis says this in response to Mama's assertion that the family would experience restrictions because of their color. It emphasizes Travis's youthful optimism and innocence, as well as his conviction in the value of individual autonomy and self-determination. The battle to identify one's identity and aspirations in the face of societal and personal problems, as well as the possibility of growth and transformation in the face of hardship, are some of the play's larger themes that are addressed by

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