Who Killed Jonbenet Ramsey Unsolved?

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Six-year-old, JonBenet Ramsey was an award winning beauty pageant queen with a promising future, until she was brutally murdered on December 26, 1996 in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado home. The perennial Ramsey case has remained unsolved for over twenty years. Some theories suggest that the case has remained unsolved because of police missteps, while other theories point to family members or extreme media coverage of the case that pressured the investigators to pursue the case hastily, resulting in sloppy work. Though there are many theories about who killed JonBenet and how, the theory of her brother, Burke, makes the most logical sense. The year of 1996 started out extraordinarily for the Ramsey family. John Ramsey's company grossed more than $1 billion and they were eminent in his community of Boulder, Colorado. JonBenet had been in her town's local Christmas parade on a float with her name on the side about a week earlier (Casarez). Little did the Ramsey family know that this holiday season, a horrific event would occur that would forever change their lives. Evidence was left on the third step of the Ramsey’s staircase; a ransom note demanding $118,000 for the return of JonBenet. Only eight hours after she had been reported missing, John Ramsey discovered his daughter wrapped up in her favorite blanket in the furthest corner of his basement (“JonBenet”). She …show more content…

John and Patsy lost a daughter, Burke lost a sister, and JonBenet lost her life. It is more important to solve this murder, not to put the criminal in jail, but because JonBenet deserves justice. I believe John and Patsy Ramsey were faced with a devastating situation where they had to make an extremely difficult choice. On the one hand, they had found their beloved daughter dead. And on the other, is that it was at the hands of their son. They made the choice to salvage the only life they had left, their son

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