Essay On Abigail To Blame For The Salem Witch Trials

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Around the time of the witch trials, the people in Salem were very religious. Rumors were easily spread and it was nearly impossible to prove yourself innocent if people were talking about you otherwise. During the witch hysteria, innocent people were imprisoned and and executed because someone has accused them of being a witch. It is understandable that some would accuse others to save themselves from imprisonment or from possible death. However, I believe Abigail should be held responsible for the imprisonment and execution of innocent people because she threaten the girls, so they would act bewitched and she also lied about getting stabbed by a needle and making it look like as if Elizabeth Proctor did it with witchcraft. To begin with, Abigail had control over the rest of the girls who were also caught dancing in the woods. The girls, after the incident in the woods, lied along with Abigail. Whatever lie Abigail came up with, the girls would support it. Even in court, Abigail had the support of the girls when she claim to have seen a yellow bird. This made her story even more believable that even Judge Danforth fell for it. More than …show more content…

Some tried to stop while others continued to build up the hysteria. However, Abigail is the most responsible for the witch hysteria. Due to her selfishness and jealousy, she created this huge chaos and the people who did not want to get involved in this would get caught in the middle of it. Even after it was over, she did not show any remorse for it. Instead of admitting to the truth, she left the town because she knew how much trouble she would be in if she stayed. If only she could have just done the right thing in the beginning then no one would have talked of witchcraft and no one would have been accused. As I have stated before, this is due to Abigail’s fault because there was so many things that she could have done to stop it, but she choose not

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