Who Was Anne Frank Still Positive?

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Anne Frank, at an adolescent age, experienced horrific events of World War II, yet was she still positive? A little background on Anne is that she is in hiding because her family is Jewish and Germany doesn't like Jews so, they need to go into hiding with some help from friends. I believe she was trying to at least be positive during World War 2 despite the situations she had to deal with. Not only was Anne trying to be optimistic, she was also very thoughtful in her actions and words. Even in the way she sees people, she still believes in goodness of heart. All things considered is that Anne had hope even when times got faulty. I based my opinion on Anne Frank because of her quote, "In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." …show more content…

She stated, "I have often been downcast of myself, but never in despair." This indicates that she is sometimes upset, on the other hand, she doesn't get deeply depressed, as a result shows that she is trying to be positive. My second piece of evidence is when Miep and Mr. Kraler shows up and Mr. Frank pleasantly utters, you shouldn't be here, then Anne exclaimed, "Don't say that, It's so wonderful to see them!" Perhaps this is indicating that Anne thinks its glorious to see them and is cheerful that they visit them. Also, Anne stated towards Peter, " Look, Peter, the sky. What a lovely, lovely day! Aren't the clouds, beautiful?" This expresses Anne is being positive because she is being joyful and forgetting about what's happening during her time. It could also mean Anne views the world as a beautiful place and loves days like that and wishes that it could be peaceful, just a conclusion of

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