Why Andrew Carnegie Wasn T The Best Boss?

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Luke Wehby 1 No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it. -Andrew Carnegie. When you look at Andrew Carnegie’ past he wasn’t the best boss. Although he was a very very successful man, he treated his workers very poorly. He would barely give them a day off even if it was a holiday. It was 12 hour days for 7 or 6 days of the week every week. The workers never knew if they would live through the day. They’re job was very dangerous, but Andrew Carnegie didn’t care because he was the main producer of steel. There were many reasons for the rise of the steel. One of the reason for the growth of steel industries, is for the growth of steel railroads. People began to realize that steel was stronger than iron. Steel was durable and longer lasting. Iron would rust, and wear down and trains had the chance of going off track and crashing. Soon steel was popping up everywhere, everyone started to use steel for building house. Steel beams started being used to …show more content…

Most men worked in the steel industry. The job was very dangerous, the steelworkers had the chance of death. They could be killed and then the wife would become a widow and most likely become very poor. The children would no longer have a father to protect them. Finally the steel industry started to give the widows small payments each month. Steel was very dangerous for the men. The mines could cave in, the furnaces could explode and kill dozens. Workers could fall of the catwalks above the furnaces and burn. Cranes could break and drop tons of hot steel and crush the workers. There was explosive gas throughout the whole place and when rookies came around they had to learn fast or blow the place up. They could kill themselves with exhaustion, they only had breaks when the mills needed oiling and that was only for couple minutes. Molten steel could splash and seriously burn the

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