Why Are Bath Salts Bad

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In this modern society, people can find a knowledge online easily. However, there is much useful and harmful information that could influence our behavior, and drug sales on the Internet will be a serious problem in the community. Even though the sales and prescriptions of drugs online are prohibited in the United States, there are many people still warp drugs like a normal herb to sale via the Internet. Also, some countries are loose in this drug selling and then many smart druggies cross over the countries to buy and sell the drug. Therefore, a drug usage has got a serious attention recently, especially bath salts drugs. A few years ago, there was a bath salts druggy who chewed the face off a homeless man in Miami. People know how to mix the drugs or try to mix all the chemical compounds …show more content…

Alike any other types of drugs, people resort to abusing bath salts due to the necessity to cope with certain life difficulties or try some new experiences. However, the consumption of bath salts may be also provoked by a desire to lose a weight in a quick and easy manner. There was an occasion when a 35-year-old woman used to consume bath salts for months in order to make her body fit. After several months of such a “therapy”, the woman lost a considerable weight, but her character became paranoid and almost insane. Ultimately, she fell into the coma due to a lethal brain harm (“Signs and Symptoms”). It is just one of the plenty of cases when a bath salt addiction led to tragic consequences for both an abuser and people around. What is crucial to remember, a bath salt addiction requires an immediate professional aid as own efforts to cope with this illness are usually insufficient. Importantly, a bath salt addiction may also cause serious physical injuries, the loss of an arm, leg, or breast, for

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