Why Brave New World Should Be Banned In Schools

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Why should brave new world be prohibited?We ought to be able to censor the books that these students read, so we ought to be able to impose book bans. They shouldn't be required to read books that are offensive, contradict their religious beliefs, or violate the morals of the students.We should ban brave new world from all schools because it is anti-religious and very inaccurate. Also, it is too sexual for the age group who is reading this book in schools.Brave new world should be banned in all schools. ¨As recently as 2010, the American Library Association received multiple petitions to remove the book from school libraries. When it comes to minors, parental censorship can be understood¨ This source had said that we should be allowed to censor …show more content…

The Washington Post had said that ¨A parent had complained that the book has a “high volume of racially offensive derogatory language and misinformation on Native Americans. In addition to the inaccurate imagery, and stereotype views, the text lacks literary value which is relevant to today’s contemporary multicultural society.”
Which can be seen as attacking someone's culture and or be considered mockery of them like the Native Americans that are being portrayed in this book.
Schools should be more lenient towards book censorship and more considerate towards those who are religious ¨Brave new world was published in 1932 and was almost immediately banned in Ireland for being anti-religion, anti-family, and several other reasons.¨ Ireland had banned the book because of how anti religious it was and the way they portray society and family, they show how family isn't important in the book since women aren't giving birth to babies anymore and you're told to be promiscuous. Religion is not in the book therefore not having morals, no one in the book has morals and they don't care for anyone but themselves and they all have a role to play and their role …show more content…

The most important reason for releasing this classic to the public is its monumental message that speaks volumes in today's society.Many students in today's society can learn a lot from books like Brave new world that can help shape the future generations to come because they can see what they can change before our world turns into the considered utopian society. One thing the critics had in common was that they all assessed Brave New World from a very superficial perspective. If they looked just a little deeper, they would have found that the novel does not attempt to propagate such a social structure in any way – rather, it serves as a commentary on our real world. And yet, rather than assimilate the central message of the book and use it as a lens to look at the world outside, people would rather direct their anger towards the book itself. Trying to ban brave

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