Why Children Should Not Play Competitive Sports

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Kids like to play outside and play competitive sports, such as football, soccer, basketball and other sports, but what parents and children don’t know, are the consequences of trying to strive and win in competitive sports. Even though sports are supposed to be fun and healthy, children are stressed out from playing it. Playing sports are actually dangerous for children. Which is why children should not play competitive sports. To begin why children should not play competitive sports is because they can get injured, which may impact their entire life. For example, when playing football, kids tackle other players which may result in head injury, broken bones, etc. But the worst condition is head injury, because it can cause alzheimer, concussion, …show more content…

This is shown through John O’Sullivan, an author and a coach. He discusses how the parent and the child has a bad relationship. The relationship can be damaged by criticism in the child’s play. If the child does one bad play, the parents will be the one accusing the child for their bad play which discourages the child and then the child would fear what their parents might say after the game. All the parents wants from the child is perfection and victorious so they would get a scholarship for college, but the odds of a child getting a scholarship for sport is very unlikely. This means that all the years of playing sports and trying to be the best was worth nothing for the child. This would scar the parent’s and the child relationship, all because of them playing a competitive sport. Another bad relationship can be with the coach. The coach yells at the child’s bad play and also criticize, just like the parents, but worse. The coach may leave the child out from playing so that their team can win without someone that would prevent them from winning. (O'Sullivan).This will make the child sad and feel unworthy. It will destroy their

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