Why DD NOT WE Knew By Basil Borutski

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In recent years, the status of women has gradually improved in the society. But that is not enough. Many women still live in the violence of their families. The violence is always happening, but one of the most serious cases of domestic violence in Canadian history has drawn attention from the Canadian justice system. On January 15, 2016, CBC news reported a film, this film “WHY DID NOT WE KNOW” talked about a Canadian man named Basil Borutski, he has been involved in violence and murder cases in Ontario with three former partners he had been close to. On September 22, 2015, three women, Anastasia Kuzyk, Nathalie Warmerdam and Carol Culleton were killed by Basil Borutski in one day. Through this film, it reveals the harm caused to women by the tendency of domestic violence. The Canadian judicial system should pay attention to this and re-regulate such phenomena. The film reflects three situations in the Canadian justice system about female violence: biological …show more content…

According to the CBC news: “In May 1993, Borutski is injured in a car accident” (Nease, 2017). Through textbook written by White, Eisler, and Haines, biological and psychological positivism was a contributing factor to crime. He may have been physically attacked, so the psychology has been distorted. He was once married, but his marriage ended in failure. Then, he met the three women that he killed. He believed that his life has been destroyed by women and the judicial system and that his killing is the way to achieve justice in his own way (Nease, 2017). But the fact is he is a criminal who has a criminal record. After he got out of prison, he not only failed to comply with the law, but also drove the car, used the gun without driving license and gun license, and used violence to hurt women and killed them. The judicial system did not follow up after the criminal was released from prison, which refused to go to the non-violent center for

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