Why Did Beowulf Lose His Mother

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Beowulf is eagerly confident in his pledge to Hrothgar, and it seems almost certain that he will defeat Grendel’s mother. However, once he penetrates the dangerous waters of her home territory, Beowulf no longer has the upper hand and he begins to understand his predicament: Then once she touched bottom, that wolfish swimmer carried the ring-mailed prince to her court so that for all his courage he could never use the weapons he carried; and a bewildering horde came at him from the depths, droves of sea-beasts in a ghastly onslaught (ll. 1506-1511).

Beowulf is slowly starting to be overpowered by Grendel’s mother’s, who seems to be stronger than ever now that she is in her own territory; however, we can see Beowulf completely lose his
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