Why Did The WTS Discriminate Against Women

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1. What best describes the type of testing as explained on pages 128-129.
The type of testing used in this case, according to the Dial firm was the Criterion Validity. The firm created a test called Work Tolerance Screen (WTS) in 2000 and the purpose was to test potential new employees and current employees performing the job. Although the test was more related to the content validity, considering the work simulation testing. In fact, the WTS was more difficult than performing the actual work.

2. Why did the WTS discriminate against women?

Most applicants were required to pass the WTS test, mainly they had to lift a bar from one place to another. Even though most women applicants passed the test they were not hired. This process was seen discriminatory since the nurse was the person who had to make the decision of fail or pass just by observing the applicant perform the test. The interesting fact is that an evaluator did not have the ability to foresee a potential injury in the workplace. After all, Dial company hire men in order to decrease the injuries on the workplace. On the other hand, around that time the sex percentage of employees who suffered injuries were high mostly for men than women. …show more content…

What would be a more equitable pre-employment test?

First employer should administer a test without discrimination of color, religion, sex or disability. A more effectively test should have applied to applicants for physically demanding jobs because it is an essential component for the prevention of

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