Why Do Generals Die In Bed

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The Great War has been described in many articles and passionate writings, but one specific

piece has grabbed the attention of people over the years; “Generals Die in Bed”. This novel was

written by Charles Yale Harrison. This war was primitive in the concept of a world wide war, as

was shown by the type of warfare, and simple lack of basic rules of war. In comparison of

weaponry from then and now, this Great War was considered savage and barbaric, due not only

to the amount of sheer death and injured, but also because of how these casualties happened. The

bayonet, a long knife on the tip­end of a firearm, was key for short­ranged combat. A war with

thousands of deaths by stabbings is so unheard of nowadays, that just the thought of it can take

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wanting their men falling over dead without even being in battle, generals decided to try different

tactics and variations to try take land quicker through trench warfare. They used a guerilla­style

type of technique in which the land in between both armies, endorsed with the name No Man’s

Land, would be sprinted through in order to get into the enemy’s trench, and then would kill as

many enemies as possible. During this, they’d also try to destroy as much of the bunker as they

could, and then would sprint back over to the ‘safety’ of their own trench. It was a petty way of

fighting, and many good men died because of this brutal fighting type.

Surprisingly, the realization that war with the same level of technology would be a bad idea

was not learned until after another World War. Even though World War I had a statistically

astounding number of deaths for the time, WWII had nine times as many deaths, and went on for

two more years! We’re fortunate now to live in a time where there isn’t war where we’re living,

but unfortunate that the reason for that is because if there is war, nuclear weapons will make

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