Why Do Grizzly Bears Live

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A tamarin! A grizzly bear! There are several similarities and difference between these two animals. The grizzly bears live in the wilderness in Alaskan tundra. They hunt down their food every season. It can be shot easily by the hunters. On the other hand, the tamarins live in the tropical rain-forest. They could hide in the trees when poachers are coming to capture them, and they can sell them to illegal animal markets for a high price. They have a better chance of survival, because they are being reintroduced into their natural habitat to survive independently in the wilderness. The grizzly bears adapt to their environment by hunting down their own food. They hunt down carcasses of caribou, moose calves, walruses, ground squirrels, and salmon as well …show more content…

For example, if someone nourishes them food, they check if it is a predator or not. They would socialize with each other to see if it is a predator. If not, the tamarins will grab the food and go back to their home. The observers record on their notebooks and observe what they do when they do when they put out the food. As stated in text on page 639, “ Below, Andreia glances at her watch and writes in her notebook. For the first hour, she describes what the entire group is doing- the way they eat, socialize, and rest, and the sounds they make. Then, she notes what each member of the family does.” However, tamarins also adapt to the changing seasons. The challenges that they have to overcome in their natural environment is to be aware of predators and survive independently. The similarities between a grizzly bear and tamarin is that they both play with their children. When they are born, They both have to be taken care by their mother. In addition, they are omnivores, meaning that they both consume plants, fruits, and meat. Lastly, grizzly bears and tamarins are close to

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