Why Do Romeo And Juliet Committed Suicide

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There are several reasons why romeo and juliet committed suicide and all factors in the story if you put it into modern terms or how suicidal thoughts and action occur then everything that happened makes sense in why they chose to take their own lives. Chronic stress, depression,punishment,and death there are a lot of things that happen that can cause suicide and sadness in this story and i'm going to in 5 paragraphs why they committed suicide. I would like to say before i start the essay that this is what i think lead to it in other words this is my opinion not facts.

This ( in my opinion ) is one of the major factors that took place that could’ve been a main source of of all the things that happen. Romeo and juliet's parents played a major role in the teens death. First i’m going to start with Romeo’s parents in the story we don’t really even hear about his parents it was kinda like they didn’t care and the only person we really hear and see from romeo's side of their family is benvolio and and i don’t even think they are truly related but i think that wasn’t a major factor for romeo's death but it played it’s part. Now for juliet that is another story because she is a girl she needs her
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But i think a major breaking point for romeo is when he got punished and was banished from the kingdom and wasn’t even allowed in the same land as juliet i think that when it really got to him. There is one emotional let down for juliet and that is when her own cousin was killed by her husband i couldn't imagine the things that were running threw her head top of that she still has all that stress and expectation from her parents are you starting to picture it
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