Why I Want To Be A Global Citizen Essay

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I am a global Citizen by all the pets i have in my house and around me. I have a fish in my room, three dogs, one cat, and also i have a huge fish tank almost full of fish. I love saving animals life anyway i could. Like I love fish, if i had a bigger tank i would buy so much fish just to save there live and to make them happy in a new home with the care of me. I would do anything to save a animals life. If my mom was a pet person I probably have every animal in my house. This changes the world for them because they get to live a better life in my care because I always make sure every animal i have is safe and happy where there at. I also love the outdoors and i do as much as i can to help outdoors. So for that I think I would be caring. I also take care of my loved ones if their sick or not.

Another way That i am a helpful global citizen is that i think i 'm balanced. I know that i am balanced is that i make sure i am always happy. Like I have my time with my friends and them i also have my homework time and my family time. So everyday i make sure that i am balanced and that i don’t make myself unhappy. Also
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I love to talk all the time and problems for school homework, about sorts and just random things that happy in the daily day of my life. I don’t like trouble to happen at anytime and if it does I would tell my friend or i would go to an adult. But besides that i just love to talk, sometimes at wrong times and others times at the right time. With my thing talking i also am tactile. I like to talk about things that i see and hear around me and also about a school work problem. I talk a lot about sports teams like football and other sports and that i think makes me a helpful global citizen is because if i help someone out by helping them with a really hard problem it just might make that person 's day a or make them happier than they already

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