Why Is Alliances The Underlying Cause Of World War 1

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The Underlying Cause of World War 1

Imagine sitting at lunch with your friends and somebody out of nowhere hits your friend! Of course, you stand up to defend your friend. Well in short terms that’s called alliances and it’s the leading cause of World War 1. Alliances caused World War 1 to become a widespread war. The reason why alliances are the leading cause is that allies wanted to protect each other. Stand up for their “friends”. Another reason is people felt threatened by large allied forces which caused them to attack or make irrational decisions.

An Essential reason for alliances being the number one underlying source of World War 1 is that people were frightened by large allied forces so they would either “strike first” or make other irrational decisions. For example, the chancellor of Prussia made alliances with Austria-Hungary and Italy due to Germany being stuck between Russia and France. Another example in the first acaps …show more content…

A perfect example is in the background essay which shows an image that says “Austrian leaders demanded apologies from Serbia. an angry Serbia received a promise of help from Russia. On July 28th Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary. Germany declared war on Russia. France declared war on Germany and Austria-Hungary. Britain joined France and Russia. Europe was at war!” Another excellent example is in the political cartoon called “ The crime of ages. Who did it?” The cartoon shows Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Italy, France, Belgium, and England in a circle all pointing at each other blaming one another for the death of the peace in Europe. Everyone is pointing at one another besides the alliances showing that they are protecting their allied forces and do not blame them for the brutal war that's been let loose in

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