Why Is Healthcare Important In The Declaration Of Independence

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In the Declaration of Independence, it lists the right that Americans and health care did not include but it should be. When in grade school, you learn about the three things that are essential living: food, water, and shelter. And none of these essentials fix in the category of being a right. Americans should not be afraid that if they lose their jobs or get another job then they will lose their health insurances. The poorest people are unable to pay payment that comes from hospital services, or even just a basic check-up. People that don't insurances are most of the time in worse health than those that are able to get insurance. And are more frequently put into the hospital for conditions that could have been prevented. We have the right to vote but not healthcare. Americans support the belief that everyone should have equal opportunity. But in this situation those that don't have health care are at risk for health decline which makes them a disadvantage in society, therefore, they did not receive equal opportunity. Health care is a basic human right. Everyone thinks it is just the poor or elderly who need healthcare, but it's also the young. Thanks to Obamacare, no one is no longer being opt out of the system. …show more content…

If they stop Obamacare the healthcare system will be a wreck. and it will leave millions of Americans unable to find treatment. "Healthcare is not a privilege or a benefit or an entitlement; it is a human right." It might be limited right, which it should not be. If you are educated, wealthy, and have power then you have access to good health. But access to healthcare is sometimes limited for people of color. But the opportunity to healthcare shouldn't have

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