Was King Arthur Real Or Real

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The debate on whether or not the legendary King Arthur of Camelot is real or a myth has always been there as long as all of us can remember. We have all heard stories and tales of this legendary King, and by now all of us have tried to understand the controversies behind the story of King Arthur (Gidlow,). The stories from our childhood were filled with legends, gods and fairy tales, and most of these stories were legendary myths, and we understood them as such. However, the case of King Arthur is different since it is not clear whether the story was just a myth or it was something real. The question is, how we can determine whether or not the tale of King Arthur was a myth or real. Currently, there are no scientific facts to support the existence of the legendary king, and this only makes the debate more complicated(Padel). …show more content…

For example, according to the English heritage, the archaeologists discovered something that makes the legend of Arthur more real. The findings indicate that the castle was in the ancient Southwest British Kingdom that is the modern day Cornwall. It is argued that this is the place where King Arthur was conceived. According to the tales, King Arthur was the result of a relationship between the British King, Uther Pendragon and the wife of Duke, Igrain. But just finding the location where Arthur was born does not prove anything. It is on this basis that the aim of this paper will be to determine whether or not King Arthur was a myth or real(Padel). The determination will be made through the use of credible sources, evidence, facts and

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