The Theme Of The Executioner By Jay Bennett

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Why do people in this world need to get revenge? In the novel The Executioner by Jay Bennett the theme is most likely that revenge is not the best answer to your problems. In this novel the main character Raymond, also known as the executioner dies in a car crash that should have never happened. One of his friends in the car was drunk and distracted Raymond while he was driving, and he swerved off the road. The accident took Raymond’s life, but his three friends in the car survived. After his death, Raymond takes on a ghost-like role and sets out to get revenge on this three friends. When the executioner tries to get revenge “by fire, by water and by earth,” he does not gain anything; he only loses his humanity. This started when the …show more content…

He wants to get revenge because this friend covered up his body and didn’t tell anyone about his death after the accident. The reason revenge is not good is because if he kills the person by fire then the executioner just kill one of his best friends just for revenge. Like it said on the back of the book “three criminals are hereby sentenced to death.” In this case he lights his friend’s house on fire and locks him inside. This takes away his humanity because after he kills his friend he felt down “the words drifted downward into a well of silence. The smile vanished from the face. Only a mask of cold hatred remained”
The second reason that revenge is not the best answer is because it also cost your humanity because when it said By water it is talking about kill someone with water and away you can do that is by drowning a person in water. The friend that will die here is a girl that will drown in water “ She put on the faded gray cap and headed out for the open water.” “soon the savage sun blotted out for the small figure in the small boat...It was just as darkness fell that the empty sloop was found drifting off the point.” So that is another reason revenge is not

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