Why Is Shakespeare Important To Me

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This amazing writing style always inspires me, as I love how Shakespeare introduces all this chaos at once, relates audiences to characters and then continues to challenge audiences by making them question their own lives and view on reality. Not many playwrights can make audiences question reality like Shakespeare. That’s why I love most, if not all of his work because just as you are believe to think something is going to happen, Shakespeare reveals a plot twist that leaves audiences on the edge of their seat. If I ever pursue a career in writing I would prefer screenplays and my scripts would use the same elements that Shakespeare has used in his plays to keep audiences intrigued. Another piece of Shakespeare that has inspired me to become a powerful writer is one of his most influential pieces, “Hamlet”. This dramatic, revenge play gives audiences and writers a look at complex themes such as the mystery of death, impossibility of certainty and the complexity of the means to take …show more content…

Many historians believe that the play of “Hamlet” was written by Shakespeare after the death of his son. To have these dark emotions bottled up and then release them onto paper could be astronomical or amazing and with Shakespeare being as talented as he is, the result was amazing. To have such deep, dark emotions like Shakespeare has lets audiences take a closer look about just how dark the writer can get. From murder to suicide, these actions within the story make me want to explore the darker side of myself. As a writer, to gain high respects of the audiences and show them the derelict side of humanity, I would have to open up my deepest, darkest pains and share them with audiences. The objective would be to have audiences feel their pains of the past by exploring my own, which is a technique that Shakespeare has used strongly throughout

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