Why Is Steven Vail Wrong

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Steven Avery was accused of a sexual assault that happened on July 29th, 1985. It happen in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The Avery family was always viewed as bad people who didn’t belong in the community. Steven was always viewed as a trouble maker but always owned up to everything he did. On his record was a burglary and participant in the crime of cruelty to an animal. Avery and his friends was bored one day decided to go rob a store. Another day while he was with his fiends he tossed the family cat over a fire and watched the cat light up. Steven did not fit with the Manitowoc community at all and this could be the reason why he thinks everybody is after him. Avery was charged with endangering safety regardless of life and felon in possession…show more content…
She passed a man wearing a black jacket which was odd considering it was hot outside. On her way back from her jog she had seen the man again just standing there. So she went through the water to go by him but as she did that the man grabbed her. He dragged her into the woods and attempted to rape her but did not succeed to penetrate. The man beat her up, and brutally assaulted her. When detective Judy Davork came to question her about the man that assaulted her Judy stated “that sounds like Steven Avery.” This is where Avery was screwed. Judy and Sandra happened to be best friends. They talked and hung out a lot. Both of them hated Steven Avery with a passion. When Penny Beerntsen described the man Judy immediately thought of Steve and from there hands were point straight at Steve Avery. They didn’t really have any evidence that he committed the crime. The only thing they really had was a sketch artist by the name of Eugene who showed Penny a picture of Avery and she said yes because the face seemed familiar. Then they showed her a lineup of different men and she picked Avery mainly because that was the only person she had seen before. He was sentenced to 32 years in prison and got out after 18 years when DNA evidence proved he was…show more content…
The way it was done there was no question that Steve Avery did it, but if it was done correctly he wouldn’t have got arrested for the sexual assault in the first place. The sketch artist never drew what Penny told him. Instead he drew a picture of Steven Avery and asked her was it him. Penny had no choice but to say yes because it seemed very familiar. Another error was a sheriff being involved in the case so much that didn’t even have anything to do with him. The sheriff wanted him to be guilty right away because of the incident that happened between Avery and the sheriff’s wife. The sheriff stated to Avery “I got you now.” The jail usually has a list of the people who were arrested the night before. When Stevens’s lawyer came to check his name wasn’t on the list. The sheriff ordered his name not be on the list. He took away his access to use a phone, couldn’t have visitors, and just took away his contact with everybody which is illegal. The police originally told the sheriff that he got the wrong guy be aware of Gregory Allen. The sheriff said don’t worry we got the right guy. Gregory Allen was watched by surveillance every day. When the crime happened he was not being watched that day. Nobody made this known to the authorities. A lot of people knew it could have been another suspect but nobody wanted to say anything. They wanted Steven to go to jail. If the innocence project was available back then I believe it would

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