Why Is The Boston Massacre Be Justified

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Although some people may believe that the colonists should not have claimed independence from Great Britain, they were justified to claim independence. This is because, the Boston Massacre showed Britain had no respect for the colonists, The early taxes imposed were unfair to the colonists, and the Intolerable acts were too aggressive. The colonists had many reasons for leaving Great Britain's control. That was for many of the mistakes Britain made and probably regretted. The Boston Massacre showed Britain had no respect for the colonists. The violence during the Massacre was un called for by Great Britain. Before it happened, Parliament repealed all townshend duties, except for the tea act. [pg.147]. This was the main reason for why the …show more content…

The Boston Tea party shouldn’t have resulted in the British taking away resources valuable to the colonists, as if they were governing the colonies and telling them how they were going to live. The Congress demanded a repeal of the Intolerable Acts, stating the colonies had the ability to tax and govern themselves. [pg.152]. Great Britain was constantly putting limits and decreasing the colonists freedom and independence. The Intolerable Acts had helped the British reinforce they could still control the colonies, but the colonists had differed. The Intolerable Acts were too much of an overkill on a statement the colonists were trying to make. Also the Quebec Act, part of the Intolerable Acts, took away colonists’ western lands. [pg.151]. This act completely limited the colonists expansion of the colonies and slowed future plans. The western expansion was critical for the colonies to be able to evolve, and the British just took that from them. The act of taking land was an example of excessive force and the British taking their power as an advantage. That was not the correct way Great Britain should have punished the colonies if they really wanted to, which they did. To cap it off, page 151 of the textbook, explains, “The Boston Tea Party outraged the British government.” The British were furious of what had happened, which sparked the Intolerable Acts, because they thought the colonists had known to respect their other taxing. However, the colonists had no way to express their opinions and feelings about the British taxes, and they only way was to take action and make the British feel how the colonists had been feeling. But, that didn’t give Great Britain the right to just slap on taxes and acts that would greatly affect the colonists

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