Why Is The Dieppe Raid Important Canada

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World War II a global devastation lasting six years during the 19th century, taking tens of millions civilians and military. Canadian Forces and civilians played a large part in Allied victory, not only military forces but, women taking the places of men. Canada participated in plenty of battles but, the question still remains of which were most important. The three most important battles that Canadian Forces fought in during WWII are those that led to victory. These battles include The Dieppe Raid, The Battle of the Atlantic and finally D-Day. The Dieppe Raid was an allied attack on the part of Dieppe; occupied by German forces. The critically planned attack had specific objectives, such as, seizing and holding the port, destroy cast defences, structures and buildings aiding in German Forces and boosting moral. Majority of theses objective failed due to flaws in planning. Dieppe Raid was on important Canadian battle because it taught allied forces lesson on how to attack in other battles. The knowledge learned in the raid saved many lives on D-day, although ships, aircraft supplies, and lives were lost during Dieppe Raid it gave the allies new ideas. The Dieppe Raid is an important Canadian battle because it aided in the lesson learned for …show more content…

The Battle of the Atlantic is an important Canadian fought battle because it allowed the Allies to continue fighting. German submarines, u-boats, and war ships were increased on the Atlantic taking down, defeating Allied supply lines. The Allies would have run out of supplies and died or surrender, however improved equipment and attics helped the Allies to turn the tables and defeat the German forces. This battle is an important Canadian fought battle in WWII because it kept the war going. The Allies couldn’t stop the Germans they would not have been able to continue fighting due to lack of

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