Why Is The Massachusetts Farmers Opposed To The Constitution Dbq

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Answer: Massachusetts farmers opposed the Constitution in light of the fact that they felt it ensured exchange more than horticulture, the Federalist Papers were distributed there to pick up backing for it. Virginia and New York would not ratify until the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution. In light of the opposition, John Hancock at the Massachusetts ratifying tradition suggested that a bill of rights be included as the first gathering of amendments to the Constitution. Ratification in Massachusetts and pretty much all whatever remains of the uncommitted states relied on upon the comprehension that receiving a bill of rights would be the new government's first request of business. There were the opposition which was made out of assorted …show more content…

A percentage of the opposition accepted that the focal government under the Articles of Confederation was sufficient. Still others accepted that while the national government under the Articles was excessively powerless, the national government under the Constitution would be excessively solid. An alternate grievance of the Anti-Federalists was that the Constitution accommodated a brought together instead of elected type of government and that a really elected manifestation of government was a leaguing of states as under the Articles of Confederation. Yours Response for other student post: According to my point of view the anti-federalists played upon these sentiments in the ratification tradition in Massachusetts. By this point, five of the states had sanctioned the Constitution without any difficulty, however the Massachusetts tradition was significantly all the more sharp and hostile. At last, after long open

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