Why Is The Montgomery Bus Boycott Important

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The civil rights era had many important times. But one of the most important moments in the civil rights era was the Montgomery bus boycott. That was when African Americans were being mistreated on the busses so they did not ride them. It was sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks in December 1955. It was led by martin Luther King Jr.
The Montgomery bus boycott was sparked by the arrest of Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was an African American who rode the bus every day. After working all day she tried to ride the bus home. She went to the back of the bus and sat where the blacks were supposed to sit. A white guy got on the bus and tried to get her to move because there were no seats left. She didn’t give up her seat so she got arrested and went to jail. This really helped to spark the Montgomery bus boycott.
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Martin Luther King Jr was a pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist church in Montgomery Alabama. He was also an African American civil rights leader. He also played a big part in the Montgomery bus boycott. He was head of the Montgomery Improvement Association. He was the primary spokesman of the Montgomery bus boycott.
I think the boycott was so successful because of its leaders. It was because of them that the blacks refused to ride busses. It also had a lot to do with Martin Luther King Jr. He was a pacifist and did not believe in violence and that’s why it was a peaceful boycott. And that is what really helped the Montgomery bus boycott succeed.

In conclusion the Montgomery bus boycott was successful for many reasons. But the biggest reason was probably Martin Luther King Jr. He was not violent. He used peaceful ways to protest the busses. The protest lasted for a year. The busses almost went out of business because blacks refused to ride
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