Why Is The Us Constitution Important

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Some might ask why is the constitution important to the United States? The United States relies on the constitution for a base. The constitution is what freed us from Great Britain. Where would our country be today if our founding fathers didn't create the constitution and didn't make this country freedom of speech and religion. How the constitution started, why it was created, and what it effects in today's society. Theses are the main important topics to be talked about when referring to the constitution. The United States constitution was created in the 1780’s. “The constitution was created because the leaders of our country were questioning the Articles of Confederation(Doutrich)”. “In march, 1785, the Virginia and Maryland delegates …show more content…

“The constitution started around 230 years ago(Dowser)”. “The United States constitution has been amended 27 times in its history(Dowser)”. These are some comments made by participants of the constitution. The constitution is extremely important the United States. John adams was said to have referred to it as “the greatest single effort to national deliberation that the world has ever seen(Dowser)”. Benjamin Franklin allegedly teared up when signing it(Dowser). George Washington said “it is the guide which i will never abandon(Dowser)”. What does the constitution do for us in today’s society? So, what does the constitution do today? “The constitution is a system of checks and balances(Doutrich)”. This means that each branch of the system looks out after one another. “This keeps the power in check(Uhlmann)”. This is how we run our government today. “Every law has to be approved by every branch of government(Uhlmann)”. “This is how we use the constitution today, because the constitution is our government(Uhlmann)”. “If there was no constitution, then there is no United States, because our country wouldn’t work without a government(Uhlmann)”. This is how government impacts us

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