Essay On Ratifying The Constitution

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Ratifying the Constitution Ratifying the Constitution has saved our country from being like England and from not falling apart. Before the constitution we had the articles and those weren’t working out at the time and we weren’t able to fight against rebellions and or against other countries when. We could act faster with the Constitution and we had a checks and balance system and also we had a checks and balances system. We could have acted faster with the constitution instead of wanting around for all states to agree on doing something. When bacon’s rebellion had happen we weren’t able to do anything because all the states weren’t agreeing to do anything about it but if we would of had the constitution we could act fast and take out and …show more content…

With the checks and balances the government was able to get more power or something subjects but the government 's branches could still get check to see if they were stay in line and not getting too much power over everything or everyone else. Document 4 supported this claim because the legislative branch could have the president veto the law or goal the other branches suggested, the Exec branch appointed the judges for the judicial branch and the legislative branch could impeach the judges for the judicial branch and ⅔ of the branches could veto anything the legislative branch did if it wasn’t a benefit. We had got a bill of right in the constitution. This new bill of right was made as a compromise for the federalist and antifederalist argument over ratifying the constitution and the bill of right also gave us a ten amendments, Document 3 supported the claim because with the bill of right it had gave us more freedom over some things over subject that had been restrict to the people and what the were allowed to do and not to do. The constitution has saved our country from being like England/Britain and has saved us falling apart. The constitution has kept us from ending up like other country that are formed off the strong being in charge and surviving and the weak dying or ending up like a monarchy or a dictatorship like other country are and the constitution everyone in our country has survived and no more

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