Why Is To Kill A Mockingbird Important

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The Chicago Tribune once said that Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird is “of rare excellence, a novel of strong contemporary national significance.” Respected sources and critics have openly expressed their opinion on how this excellent piece of literature teaches young readers which would prove its importance to be in a student’s life. Based on the valuable lessons the novel executes, it should remain mandatory in the curriculum at Agincourt Collegiate Institute. High school students would benefit greatly from the novel’s immense power to teach them applicable life lessons, informing readers mature topics in our society and is in an intriguing perspective that leaves students hanging off their seats after each chapter. Right from the debut of the novel, the perspective of a …show more content…

This is a practical way to tell the story in comparison to an adult who was not in the trance of discovering the world. It allows us to be in Scout’s shoes and letting us stumble upon her discoveries. From the text, it states “With my best company manners, I ask her if she would have some. After all, if Aunty could be a lady at a time like this, so could I” (Lee 240). This quotation shows that Scout was influenced by Aunt Alexandra after she had heard Tom Robinson died and observed that Aunt Alexandra did not gossip about it like she would traditionally do. This quotation reveals how in Maycomb county it was a cultural norm for groups to stick to their traditions and confined stereotypical behavior. Aunt Alexandra is a character Scout did not value, with her constant pestering of becoming more lady-like and never accepting Scout for who she is. From Scout’s thoughts, we can see why she chose to look up to her unsuspectingly and showed readers how dilemmas could transform people and her thoughts for when it changed her perspective of her Aunt. Furthermore, Scout’s original and curious telling of the novel allows for captivating descriptions and observations from a neutral

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